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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

Because your relatives are sick of asking you for your list and you don't have enough hours in the day to sit and think of ideas... Here is a batch of goodies that you just can't go wrong with.

2. Dr. Jarts color correcting Treatment - If you have redness in your skin tone (like me), that a'natural look is great but unreasonable without a little something on. This is a cream that goes on pale green and adjusts to your skin tone. So suddenly you're no longer red, but still have no makeup on! (Hint: if you man-slice has redness in his skin tone, you can put a dab of this on his face too! It's literally invisible. Think of it like miracle moisturizer.) I tried this as a sample and purchased it immediately. It's such a, "where have you been my whole life" product. (*Tip: use after moisturizer, before any primer/makeup)

3. Mattifier Primer - Gets rid of shine before you apply your makeup, and keeps the shine from coming back during the day. I use it sparingly in just the spots I need it and it keeps them matte without getting dry during the day.

4. Tassel Earrings - I love how festive these are without being over the top. Their subtleness allows them to work year round, whether on a date night, or girls night out in summer. Can't go wrong.

5. Favorite Mascara - Like most, I'm a loyalist when it comes to mascara. When you find that "one" you just don't try others. Cut to me trying this one, based off a beauty bloggers die-hard recommendation, and HOLY COW she was absolutely right. It's so good. I dumped my other brand I'd been using for 10+ years for this one. And I've rebought it! So it's official.

6. Ped Socks That Actually Don't Fall down - They're so comfortable, and cute, and like I said: they really don't fall down. They're like the holy grail of ped socks. Now I know socks aren't that exciting as a gift, but when was the last time you had a reason to upgrade your workout socks? Or your "in booties" socks? Because socks are so annoying to buy. It's like, you still have pairs you had in high school - don't lie. So let this be your upgrade year. Throw away those old socks, those workout socks that constantly go under your heel, those pairs that have small holes, you deserve better. You're a grown up now.

7. Trifecta Lip Kit - Lipstick dries out my lips. It sucks. If I wear a lip color, I'm INCREDIBLY picky, because I literally can't put anything drying on my lips. Enter this one. (Well, these 3, for Christmas). I tried one and was hooked. They make my lips feel like I've had a silky lip treatment all day, almost to the point of it being like, HowTF is it doing this? The kit has a nude color, a red color, and a fuchsia color. So for whatever mood you're in, you're covered.

8. Double Stroller - Whether you're already in the two-kid boat, or it's on the horizon, I cannot say enough about this one. It's only 30" wide so it fits through most doorways. And whether it's around on errands, Lego land, Disneyland, seriously this stroller will have you rejoicing. Because you can easily maneuver it with only one hand and you can keep an eye on both kiddos, unlike with a tandem double. Also, the seats recline independently, so baby can sleep while toddler hangs. It's just awesome. 9. Blow Dryer - Another higher end gift, but one of those things you usually talk yourself out of during the year. Cue, the season that gives you that excuse to treat yourself. I was an avid, "the Target ones are fine", until I asked for this one for my birthday one year. I'd been reading all the hype about how amazing it was and was like, OK I wanna see for myself. I can tell you honestly, it's true. My hair has never blow dried as well as it does with this one. And when you think about things in your life that are more expensive, shouldn't it be something you'd use every week? I'd so much rather invest in quality when it comes to an item I know will be used A LOT and for a long time. Think about your hair at home. Think about when you're finished at the salon. There's a difference. And your hairdresser didn't pull out a $20 hair dryer to style your hair. These things are not unrelated ;) Also, there's a special gift set included right now!

10. Card Holder - That perfectly small priced item that is so incredibly helpful to own. And adorable. WIN WIN. 11. Monogram Wallet Clutch - A special gift (monogram proves the intentional thoughtfulness) but can also be ordered without it if time doesn't allow. Whether you use it as a clutch, or throw it as a wallet in your bag, it's such a useful item. I received this one year as a gift from a friend and use it daily still. I even purchased one as a gift last year because I love mine so much. 12. Cozy Sweater - I love when you have pieces of clothing that you'd choose to lounge in at home because they're so comfortable, but then also look totally cute if you wore it out in public. There's really nothing better. I actually bought this crew sweatshirt for Jason and I think he's worn it twice because I keep stealing it. So bonus TIP: buy your guy this in his size, then steal it and make it yours. Because nothing beats baggy sweatshirts you steal from your boyfriend/husband. Am I right?

13. Slip On Converse - True to size and so comfortable. I'm on my second pair because I wore through the first from wearing them everywhere. Love the bonus of not having laces and just slipping these on and running out the door.

14. Fiddler Cap - The hat of the moment; you've likely seen it everywhere. The cure for all your bad hair days, and people will just think you're rad and stylish, when really you're lazy and greasy. I won't tell. Bottom line, I love this hat - you just can't go wrong.

15. The Perfect Tee - Every time I wear this tee, someone stops me and is like, "is this THAT tee. I have this tee TOO!" and we laugh over the obsession. Because it really becomes an obsession. It's the MOST PERFECT t-shirt I've ever owned in my life. Ever.

Happy Shopping. Happy Hinting. Merry Christmas.

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