May 1, 2020

The goal:
Create a large 48"x48" block style concrete coffee table, but not weighing 1000lbs of solid concrete, and also not be expensive. I searched around online and watched a handful of tutorials where people made concrete tabletops, and figured I could apply the same method to the top AND sides to create the solid block look. I documented what I did below, and what worked for us.


Here's an overview of the tools list, first:


kreg jig


4'x8' MDF panels

nail gun

wood filler


October 10, 2018

We needed a lot more storage in our Master Bedroom re-do. But it's difficult to find a dresser with A LOT of drawers that doesn't become a focal piece in the room. Right? So the plan: create a lot of drawers with a dresser that will blend into the background. Here's what we did:

Ikea Malm 3 drawer dresser (HERE)

1. We removed the baseboard on this wall.

2. Slid three of these dressers together side by side.

3. Added the baseboard back onto the wall on the exposed sides only. 

Our result wa...

July 31, 2018

We decided to give our backyard a mini facelift by painting the 90's brick dark charcoal. This project was definitely time consuming, but oh so worth it. One question I've gotten quite a bit is about temperature (since black typically gets hot) but so far we haven't noticed a difference. Brick in general gets pretty hot as-is, so the color isn't excelling that by much. I've listed the materials we used below if you want to try this yourself!

Here is our newly TLC'd pool n...

July 9, 2018

I really needed to cozy up the stair landing in our upstairs. It's an odd space, in that it's wide enough to look noticeably empty, but narrow enough to not fit a large piece of furniture. I toyed with the idea of a console table, but I'm all about function over fashion these days. So the idea of a storage bench seemed perfect. Those bins now hold shoes, jackets, toys, all the misc things you typically have around because they're used frequently, but it's too annoying to put away into speci...

June 14, 2018

"How is your stair runner holding up?"

It's a question I'm asked quite often, so I decided to do an update to show how it's looking a little over half a year later. 

Here is a photo taken this morning: 

As you can see, she's still kickin' strong! We have 3 runners in total since our stairs are in a u-turn like shape, with two uncarpeted landings.

If you missed our original tutorial, you can see it here: DIY Stair Runner

Here are also a couple insights we've learned over the l...

April 11, 2018

I've said it before, and I'll say it 1000x again, these are my absolute favorite wall frames. They check every box on my list: modern: Yes, easy to hang: Yes, affordable: Yes, and a true WHITE matting (lookin at you with side-eye, Ikea): Yes! They can hang vertically or horizontally; and I just love how they look hung in symmetrical rows. I have them vertically hung in our dining room, and horizontally hung in our entry hallway. You just can't do these frames wrong. And home decor that's this si...

January 23, 2018

Supplies list:

Stencil (here)

Charcoal Chalk Paint (here)

White Chalk Paint (here)

Sealant (here)

3 Foam Rollers

Small Foam brushes

Small Paint brushes

Painters Tape


If you've never stenciled, here is a detailed tutorial (here). This post is purely tips for stenciling on a floor specifically, and not meant to replace the basic instructions given in the tutorial provided by the stencil company.

1. To create the black and white tile look I was going for, I started with foam rolling 3 coats of white ch...

November 8, 2017

I'd been wanting to put a runner on our stairs ever since River started walking. But since our long-term plan is to remodel the staircase into a more modern look, I knew anything I put onto our stairs would eventually be ripped off during demo. So, the need: a stair runner that costs enough to be worth while, but not enough to make me cry when it gets ripped off. Here was my solution:

Item List:

Runner Pad(s) (linked below)

Runner(s) (linked below)

Carpet Tape


Crown Staple Gun

Air Compressor


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