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Inspired By: Shira Bess Interiors

Coastal decor is out there. It's nothing new. But it's a very fine line when it comes to doing it well. The feeling of effortlessness. That one didn't try and seek out coastal decor, but instead perfectly beachy pieces just appeared as they stood in the sea salt breeze that's ever flowing through their home. You know that feeling. It's usually a feeling you mentally place onto a photo you find on Pinterest.

Well I actually found one of those people in real life. Her name is Shira (@shirabessinteriors). Shira does coastal like an absolute pro. Nothing feels kitschy, nothing feels forced. Just an effortless, airy, vibe that continues throughout her entire home. That's why she's my pick this week for Inspired By. I am so impressed with her talents and her eye for design.

Here are a few more photos of her home; if you aren't already following her on Instagram I highly recommend you do! Thank you for being this week's inspiration, Shira!

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