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Ikea Hack: 9 drawer dresser

We needed a lot more storage in our Master Bedroom re-do. But it's difficult to find a dresser with A LOT of drawers that doesn't become a focal piece in the room. Right? So the plan: create a lot of drawers with a dresser that will blend into the background. Here's what we did:

Ikea Malm 3 drawer dresser (HERE)

1. We removed the baseboard on this wall.

2. Slid three of these dressers together side by side.

3. Added the baseboard back onto the wall on the exposed sides only.

Our result was a truly built-in look that blended seamlessly into the wall.

Now, of course you don't need to do the full route of making it look "built in"; that's just what we wanted.

I decided to add leather pulls as the hardware. The exact ones we used you can find HERE.

In the end, 9 drawers that aren't a statement in the room.

This room is far from finished, but I threw some decor in to make the photo friendlier ;)

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