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Friday Round-Up

2. Live Edge Bowl - I recently purchased this bowl for my nightstand, but I could easily see it on an entry table, or coffee table. It's heavy & thick and quite shallow which makes it a perfect catch-all piece.

3. Large Basket with Lid - These are on sale! So I snagged two of them. One, I put in our master bedroom as my new hamper, and the other I put in River's room to hold sheets, mattress pad covers, etc. All the bulky linens that take up way too much valuable space in cabinets. I could see this pretty basket in a bathroom for either tossing dirty clothes, or holding fresh towels. You could even have it in the corner of a room looking like cute decor, but it's really being used as extra storage (toys, blankets, sheets, you name it!) All hail the beautiful AND functional things in life.

4. Wooden Beads - You've seen them in designer's images, in magazines, but WHERE are they getting them?! You could DIY a garland of beads, true, but you'll end up spending more than just purchasing them from this cute little shop. I love the mixture of sizes of beads in the strand because it gives it beautiful dimension. I ordered the natural unpolished option for our coffee table.

5. Lounge Armchair - I found a perfect replica of the coveted armchair from Target (that is now no longer available) and it carries an almost identical price tag. This one will surely sell out as well, so if you have PTSD from missing out on the Target chair, I wouldn't let this one slip through your fingers too.

6. Sweater Coat - My new favorite coat for the upcoming seasons. It's that perfect semi-oversized but still flattering cut, and the material is like a super thick sweater that makes it feel cozy instead of boxy like a typical structured coat. Since it already carries an oversized shape, I ordered the XS so it wouldn't be too baggy (I'm 5'6" if that helps).

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