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Friday Round-Up

1. Leather Oxfords - I'm actually willing the weather to cool down so I can wear these every single day. You know how oxford shoes can be somewhat bulky, and ruin your heels until you break them in? NOT THESE! They fit perfectly slim around your foot for the perfectly casual every-day shoe look, and they're comfortable from the first time you put them on. I honestly can't say enough about these shoes. 2. Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club - I'm one week in and I feel like a kitchen rockstar. I've tried the Blue Aprons of the world and I just can't hang with the price tag. Who can afford that every month? Enter: SK Cooking Club. Which has now solved my problems. Every week you're sent 3 dinner recipes + an additional either dessert or snack recipe. You get a specific grocery list that will cover everything, and she also gives you tips for repurposing leftovers so no more grocery waste! I always hate buying a specific grocery and then having over half of it go bad. Problem solved. And get this ... It's only $6.99 for the entire month. That's 4 weeks of dinners & desserts/snacks for about one trip through Starbucks.

3. Mid Century Bench - You've seen this style bench. In magazines, designers homes, on Instagram... well I just found it on close-out pricing. But it's going to sell out fast. GO!

4. Brow filler - It's amazing how much your eyebrows can change your face. Whether you have a brow routine already or not, this little guy is like a tiny mascara wand that brushes on perfectly during your 2-minute make up routine. No thinking, no skill. And you look like you have full model eyebrows in a snap. DREAM product. I'll never go back.

5. Moisturizer - If people call themselves "foodies" I would consider myself a "skin-ie". I love skincare. Mostly because I grew up with terrible skin (thanks mom & dad) and I had to figure it out. I had to try everything; and I did. My skin is sensitive beyond belief, but if I don't put some oomph into it (only use bland blah products), it acts poorly. I've been using this moisturizer for a few months now and I love it. It's lightweight but stays hydrating all day. It has kicks of good-for-you ingredients but is also "clean" so no irritation. If you've been looking for an everyday HELPFUL change-your-skin moisturizer, try this. Also, no it's not the cheapest. But you're putting it on your face every single day. YOUR FACE. How much did you spend on that dinner out with the girls? That lasted 2 hours. This will last you months.

6. Leather Sling Chair - These style chairs are so so good but the price is always so so scary. I found one that's not. Enjoy ;)

7. Zip Pouch - I use their leather one as my wallet everyday or clutch when I go out. This new pattern has spunk and I like it. What is it about neutral-retro-tones perfectly paired together that makes it match with everything. It just looks intentional regardless if it matches your outfit.

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