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Being SMART is So Easy

Sometimes on weekends, Jason and I will hop from new model home neighborhood to new model home neighborhood, walking each of the models. Why? They are absolute HEAVEN for inspiration. Think about it, these are companies that have 1 shot with 1 layout to show you the absolute best this house can look. Budget be damned. So the layout, product, and every tiny detail is meticulously thought about. One thing we noticed as we kept walking the newer neighborhoods is that all of the homes were "smart". Meaning, remote controlled on a home tablet, wifi controlled on your phone, or verbally controlled using Alexa, Google Home, etc. It's pretty cool if you get nerdy over technology like I do. So when the company Legrand approached me about working together, it was a no brainer for me. A dream come true, in fact. They wanted to show me how easily you can upgrade your house lights to be "smart" using their Adorne Collection, and without a doubt, I wanted to learn.

You guys.

It's SO easy.

I thought smart homes were limited to the newly built tracks with all the technology pre-thought about it. But our house was built in the 1970's. It ain't smart.

So here we go. I'm so excited to share with you how easily you can launch your house into the future, and say, "Alexa, dim the family room lights," during movie night, and turn your porch light on from your phone because you're out of town and you want to make it look like you're home.

So let's talk product, first:

They have 6 different styles of switches. Paddle (switch goes up and down), Whisper (skinny paddle), sofTtap (does a slight pulse when touched), Touch (like touching your phone), Push (traditional click push), and Motion (wave your hand in front of it, or walk by). We chose the touch collection with wifi enabled. I'm a big "sound" person. I'm very sensitive to it too. For example, I have a very strong opinion about the way your car blinker sounds, whether it's pleasing or awful. So when I played around with the different switches, the touch switch makes the quietest little "click" sound so you know the switch was touched (since no movement happens) and honestly, I really like the click sound it makes. And that's really why we chose them (HA). That, and they're flush with the wall and look badass, let's be honest.

So once you've chosen your switches, and OUTLETS! I almost forgot to mention outlets. We picked out the ones that pop out! So they're just flush with the wall when not in use. No tampering. No baby hands. Just a flat plate. Mothers rejoice!

There are detailed instructions and tutorial videos on their site for the install. We hopped around the house and installed each one pretty quickly. No extra wires, no extra materials. You just swap them out, even the WIFI ones! So once our wifi ones were in, you download the app and you can now control ALL of those switches with your phone! It's so cool. And so handy when you think of it. How many times have you gone upstairs and realized someone left a light on downstairs? Or you're running late, it's night now, and you realize you didn't leave a light on at home for your pup. Anything that's a "whoops" before, is no more.

I can't tell you how happy we are with this change. I teased Jason that if we ever move I'm uninstalling all of them and taking them with me! And by "teased" I mean "no really, I'm serious."

The Video above was filmed & edited by Jon Arman.

A special thank you to LegrandUS for sponsoring this post!

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