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DIY Storage Bench

I really needed to cozy up the stair landing in our upstairs. It's an odd space, in that it's wide enough to look noticeably empty, but narrow enough to not fit a large piece of furniture. I toyed with the idea of a console table, but I'm all about function over fashion these days. So the idea of a storage bench seemed perfect. Those bins now hold shoes, jackets, toys, all the misc things you typically have around because they're used frequently, but it's too annoying to put away into specific closets each and every day.

*Information on frames & prints (click here)

Dipped Basket (similar here) | Runner (here) | Sconce (here)

Easy DIY Storage Bench how-to:

Step 1:

Bench Frame $46 (here)

Step 2:

3-inch thick foam $25 (here)

Cut the foam to fit your bench top

Step 3:

Fabric! Pick any fabric you want. If it's a bench that's basically for looks, then the material of the fabric doesn't particularly matter. Just make sure to pay attention to fabric width. If you use a fabric with a 72" width, you only need 1 yard. But if your width is less than the width of your foam you'll have to run the fabric in the lengthwise direction and get about 6yds to cover it. It's also important to pay attention to that if you're choosing a pattern, so you know which way the pattern will run.

Depending on your skill level, and the usage level of this bench, you can choose to tuck the fabric (the foam texture holds it a bit), tuck & glue, or sew a cushion cover (which allows it to be washable).

Step 4:

Bins $10

We chose solid black (here)

But here are some other fun options to give your bench some extra pizazz

Blue Floral (here) | B&W Stripe (here)

And that's it! You're finished.

A totally customized storage bench to fit perfectly in your home for just over $100

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