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Our DIY Stair Runner, 8 months later

"How is your stair runner holding up?"

It's a question I'm asked quite often, so I decided to do an update to show how it's looking a little over half a year later.

Here is a photo taken this morning:

As you can see, she's still kickin' strong! We have 3 runners in total since our stairs are in a u-turn like shape, with two uncarpeted landings.

If you missed our original tutorial, you can see it here: DIY Stair Runner.

Here are also a couple insights we've learned over the last 7 months. Fortunately none of them would alter how we originally installed them, so the tutorial stands! Which is a relief because there's nothing worse than an aftermath "oops" when it comes to tutorials. (Been there). But hey, such is life.

So the first thing we've learned is you can't use the vacuum hose on the center of the stairs. The corners and back of the step along the tread is fine. I love the rug pads we used and recommended in the tutorial because it keeps the carpet in place and keeps it from shifting VERY well. But, it won't keep the carpet from going upward. Which then stretches out the rug slightly. Whoops. (And in retrospect, "duh".) There was no visible change in the runner after that one time mistake, but definitely want to put it out there so you don't have to learn the hard way like me.

Another thing I've realized is how much I love this particular runner we chose. And Safavieh carries many patterns in this same look/feel so if you're looking for a different color or pattern - it's likely out there. But why I love it - It's so flexible! I can't image not having a forgiving piece of carpet, movement wise, to make it nicely fit and snug on your steps. This is a DIY folks, none of us are carpet experts. This rug makes beginners capable.

Lastly ONE thing I would change. Okay fine, there's one. When I did the tutorial I even stated that I left that white border as the starting trim on purpose... but in retrospect I would tuck it under. It's something that others won't notice, and it will only bug me slightly. But it's a thing. So I felt compelled to include it.

Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing. It doesn't show wear. It's held up like a champ against daily use and a toddler that slides down the steps on his bottom. I'm actually quite surprised by how well it's held up.

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