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An Empty Hallway: Solved

Whenever I'm stumped on a space, I move on. I pretend it doesn't exist, nor does it need my attention. A perfect example of exactly that, is our upstairs hallway. The long wall has been completely empty since the day we moved in. I just never could decide what to hang there. Everything felt out of place, or too forced. Then when I came across a company Perkie Side of Life I became instantly smitten on what they did. They use photos you send them to create high contrast black and white, almost mugshot looking, images. I was in love. These were perfect for that hallway. I chose 3 images of our babies (one being a fur baby) that perfectly depicted them in their most natural states: River adorably being in his own world, Bodhi happy as a clam, and Cowboy giving his "please pet me" eyes.

The hard part was over; I had my images ready. Now, the framing. This is a focal wall in our upstairs, so it was important for me to have the frames be high quality. It's pretty easy to tell just by glancing, a high quality frame from a lower quality frame. I also don't have a lot of extra time on my hands with two little ones, to be running around coordinating having photos printed, then finding frames, comparing matting vs no matting, piecing them together, getting the wire just right for hanging, etc. I mean I barely have time to say all that, much less actually do it! This is where dreams come true for us busy bees: Framebridge.

Framebridge lets you either mail in something you already have (heirloom handwritten note, vintage photo, etc.) or you just upload your photos from your computer, like I did. Then you can compare all of the matting and frame options your heart desires. Once you pick the one you love, a simple click to add it to your cart, checkout, and you're FINISHED! That's it! A ready-to-hang frame with your photo shows up on your doorstep and it's flawless. I'm talking NONE of those mysterious speckles that show up inside your frame glass every time you try to do it yourself. I decided to go with the Mercer Slim Black frames because I loved the contrast they had against the black and white photos.

Having a moment framed by Framebridge is not only a great idea for your own home, but it makes an amazing gift for someone else to have in theirs, too. Having a vintage photograph perfectly and professionally framed for a parent, or grandparent, is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts I can think of. And lets face it, those are always the people hardest to shop for! So now you don't even have to fret for the next occasion. They even handle the packaging for the vintage photo getting to them unharmed. You guys, they've thought of everything!

I'm extending an offer to my readers for 15% off your first order!

Use code: FRIENDS15 at checkout!

Valid now through June 30th.

A special thanks to Framebridge for sponsoring this post!

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