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5 Favorite Small Shops

We have a local handmade market here in southern Orange County called Mermade Market. I look forward to it every season, and rarely walk out empty handed. I love supporting small businesses, and the makers behind them: the hobbyists, the entrepreneurs, the mamas who stay up late nights to fulfill their creative side after a day of being tugged and pulled. It got me thinking, I wanted to find more of them. So I put out a blast on my Instagram to see if anyone who followed me was a maker themselves, or had a friend who was one. The response was AMAZING! This is one of the reasons I love social media and the platform it has created. We get to find others, connect with them, and support them. I've chosen five shops to highlight as my personal favorites, below. Enjoy!


The who:

Lou + Roo Collective

The what:

Blankets, baby blankets, loveys, pacifier clips

The why:

A mama of 2 girls hand-making items to feed her creative side & support her family.

Use code HACIENDA25 for 25% off your order through 6/20/18!


The who:

Uncovered Jewelry

The what: Handmade women's jewelry

The why:

To bring hope, freedom, and restoration to women and girls living in slavery. 40% of the proceeds from each sale is donated to fight human trafficking.

Use code LAURA20 for 20% off your order through 6/30/18!


The who:

Wayward Daisy

The what:

Handmade dolls

The why: A mama of 2 and self-taught sewer, with a passion for creating from her imagination.

Use code HELMICKFREESHIP for free shipping through 6/10/18!


The who:

One Affirmation

The what:

Pillows & Home Decor

The why:

Two sisters focused on supporting African artisans by creating pillows using textiles they've made.

Use code HACIENDA for 15% off your order through 5/18/18!


The who:

Mantra Mask

The what:

All natural sheet masks, sold individually or via monthly membership

The why: A self-proclaimed skincare obsessed mama developed her own line of face masks, and donates a portion of each sale to the Women Helping Women organization.

Use code LAURA20 for 20% off your order through 6/10/18!

Happy Shopping!

*I did not accept any free merchandise or incentives while creating this feature, and none of the links here are affiliated. My decisions in choosing which brands to highlight as favorites were genuine and unbiased.

To see the full list of every shop considered, you can view my instagram post, here.

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