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Last Minute: Mother's Day Gift Guide

If it's just occurring to you (cough, or your sig other, cough) that Mother's Day is ONE WEEK AWAY, have no fear. I'm here for you! I've created a list of gifts that can be easily purchased this week.

This isn't your typical Mother's Day gift guide, however. There are no candles, no lotion sets, no typical "Mother's Day esque" fluff gifts. These are things that would actually be RAD to receive! Because let's face it, you either change diapers all day long, or you can still smell the memory of doing so. You deserve more than a fluff gift! You deserve something awesome. Something that will make you say YYYYAAAAASSSSSS when you open it.

Easy Instructions for hip mom gift guide:

1. Review gift list below

2. Get excited about prospect of receiving a rad gift

3. Copy and paste URL to email and/or text message

4. Send to person who should be getting you said rad gift

5. If person receiving list is sometimes dense, send twice.

1. Polaroid Instant Camera - $100 - There's something about polaroid photos that just can't be beat. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love this. And bonus! You're setting yourself up for a win every time you need a last minute gift in the future: more polaroid film!

2. UGG slip ons - $100 - If heaven could live on your feet, this would be it. They take a little to break in (they'll feel really snug at first, like borderline too snug, but give it time!) Once the wool calms down a little these are the best slippers for around the house + they have a rubber sole so you can wear them anywhere! No one's judging. They're just jealous you're in slippers at the grocery store.

3. DryBar Gift Certificate - $45 - If there is a DryBar in your area, this gift will never disappoint. Moms rarely have time to get ready in the mornings, so treating her to a day when someone else will wash/dry/& style her hair for her is the ultimate spoiling.

4. Wireless Headphones - $150 - Moms listen to whining children and/or crying babies all day long. Give them the gift being able to hear something else. Because we've all done the "I just need to get out of the house" bit when we're at our breaking point, and these will make stroller walks soooo much better!

5. Kiehls Hair Mask - $25 - This gift comes with a caveat of letting her actually have a long peaceful shower. No kids walking in. No "MOMMMMM" outside the door. You're on duty, dad. Let her hair mask in peace and daydream she's at an actual spa before the real day starts.

6. Nashelle 14k gold Initial Necklace - $75 - If your girl is sentimental, this gift is a home run. The best part about this particular one is it's gold filled, not gold plated, so it won't start looking shabby and discolored as she wears it daily.

7. GlamGlow Face Mask Set - $39 - It's tough to find time to feel pampered when your days are filled with little humans that constantly need you. So this face mask set is the perfect way to get that little 15 minute spa zen feeling post bedtime routine. Kick your feet up, mom! You deserve it.

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