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An Update on: Stenciled Tiles


I get asked about how our Stencil Painted bathroom tile is holding up, more than any other question. (For the full tutorial on how we stenciled it click here.) Since it's been 5 months since we painted it, I wanted to post an update! I'm so overjoyed to say the tile literally looks like the day I finished it. I can only attribute this to the many tedious and slow-paced thin layers it took us. Thin layers are key people! As a reminder, this is our boys' bathroom and it gets used mainly for nightly bath time for our 3yr old & 9 month old. There is no lack of splashing, mopping, and step stool sliding, in here, but I will say it does not see a lot of shoe-traffic. Whether that would affect the flooring or not, just keep that in mind with the area you plan to paint. If you look around on Pinterest, etc, you'll find people who have even stencil painted their kitchens! So it must be possible even in the busiest parts of the home. I, for one, just can't personally attest to that part of it. :) Oh! And I get the question a lot if the sealer turned the floor paint yellow, and it didn't at all. So check out my supplies list in the full tutorial to use what I used. :) Ok, happy stenciling!

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