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How To: Easy Modern Gallery Wall

I've said it before, and I'll say it 1000x again, these are my absolute favorite wall frames. They check every box on my list: modern: Yes, easy to hang: Yes, affordable: Yes, and a true WHITE matting (lookin at you with side-eye, Ikea): Yes! They can hang vertically or horizontally; and I just love how they look hung in symmetrical rows. I have them vertically hung in our dining room, and horizontally hung in our entry hallway. You just can't do these frames wrong. And home decor that's this simple to do and this fail-safe is always worth praising.

The best news?

These frames are currently 40% with code 40APRIL18W

*Also I should note, on the website these frames appear to have a round bevel shaped frame, but in reality they are a thin rectangle that is completely flat on the front. I promise I own enough of these to know. ;)

**And for what's it's worth, my favorite way to print photos is on Shutterfly. Their pricing is usually unbeatable, and their quality is always great. If I need photos quickly I use Costco's online photo service.

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