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Spring has Sprung

Outdoor Planters

Warm weather is upon us, at least on the West Coast. For those of you still seeing snow fall outside your windows' lets call this positive-thinking-planning, yes?

This week I did a roundup of stylish planters to spruce up your patio or backyard. An important thing to note, as with most outdoor items, is this is not the area to bargain hunt. Typically outdoor furniture and accessories are a tried and true: You get what you pay for. Unless something is going under a completely covered and protected area, the cheaper finds will usually not last past one season (looking their best, anyway). So the cost of eventually rebuying will cancel out the savings perceived up front.

There are lots of sales currently happening for Spring, so be sure to check each site's homepage to see if there's a promo code you can apply to your cart!

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