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27 Display Worthy Books


Some favorite picks for coffee tables,

console tables, shelves, and such.

Surf Shacks | Humans of NY | My Freedamn

Commune | Kinfolk | 1000 Record Covers

CA Surfing & Climbing | Overview | Styled by Emily Henderson

Surf Book | House That Pinterest Built | Eat Drink Nap

Vogue Living | Beaches | History of Surfing

Get It Together | Surf Craft | Vogue The Covers


Top cookbook picks based both on recipes and also aesthetically pleasing covers/binders,

to display on kitchen shelves, leaning on counters, and so on.

Sprouted Kitchen | Kinfolk Table | Magnolia Table

French Laundry | Cook Beautiful | True Roots

Smitten Kitchen | Wellness Mama | Bowl + Spoon

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