April 23, 2018

I get asked about how our Stencil Painted bathroom tile is holding up, more than any other question. (For the full tutorial on how we stenciled it click here.) Since it's been 5 months since we painted it, I wanted to post an update! I'm so overjoyed to say the tile literally looks like the day I finished it. I can only attribute this to the many tedious and slow-paced thin layers it took us. Thin layers are key people! As a reminder, this is our boys' bathroom and it gets used mainly for n...

January 23, 2018

Supplies list:

Stencil (here)

Charcoal Chalk Paint (here)

White Chalk Paint (here)

Sealant (here)

3 Foam Rollers

Small Foam brushes

Small Paint brushes

Painters Tape


If you've never stenciled, here is a detailed tutorial (here). This post is purely tips for stenciling on a floor specifically, and not meant to replace the basic instructions given in the tutorial provided by the stencil company.

1. To create the black and white tile look I was going for, I started with foam rolling 3 coats of white ch...

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Laura Helmick


Ex Interior Designer turned Mom of two boys. Firm believer that your home should just be a reflection of what you love; people often overthink it.   

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