August 14, 2018

Why is it so difficult to find GOOD LOOKING baby home items? Specifically today, I'm talking about the foam play mats. I'm all for primary colors and letters, when it comes to learning, but does the baby HAVE to learn about primary colors and alphabet letters via their play mat? Can't we instead have an adorable play mat that doesn't make us cringe while it's taking up the entire floor space of our family room for a good 6 months? 


The answer is YES!

Allow me to i...

August 7, 2018

I cannot get over how cute these handmade swings are!

For all those asking lately, this swing is by a company called Sweet Swinging. They are the original creators of these adorable baby swings, and easily far surpass any copycats with their rigorous testing and compliance with the CPSC. I appreciate, as all moms undoubtedly do, when companies put safety first. Especially when it's comes to our kids. 

Now when River is playing outside, Bodhi can swing, and I can have free hands (AMEN! haha) I...

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Laura Helmick


Ex Interior Designer turned Mom of two boys. Firm believer that your home should just be a reflection of what you love; people often overthink it.   

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